Jack Reacher

2 Jan


So this will be my first movie reviewed on this blog a) because this is the first movie I saw in 2013 and b) because I started this blog today and also saw this movie today, which seemed only fair. I wanted to say a couple words as an introduction to this blog as well, but if you want to skip the intro, go ahead and skip to the next paragraph. As many of you know, I see a lot of movies. By a lot of movies, I mean myself and my fiance usually go to the theatre about once a week. Does this make me qualified to review movies on the interweb? Maybe not, but it’s a free…internet, so I’m just going to go ahead and do it and you feel free to report me to the internet police. ( Hint; they don’t exist.) Anyways, on with the show,

I found Jack Reacher to be a thoroughly enjoyable action/suspense with a solid performance from Tom Cruise. I must admit, I’ve always liked the crazy, couch hopping bastard. The movie starts with a great suspense sequence from director Christopher McQuarrie  (previously of 2000’s Way of the Gun) in which the viewer finds them self in mounting anticipation of which civilian will be shot, and McQuarrie gleefully defies your expectations. The movie has quite a few laughs which Kenny, the fiance, pointed out as cheesy, and I have to agree, but it was fun nonetheless. Pleasure to see Rosamund Pike in here as well, landing a major role as Helen, an ambitious lawyer. Her cleavage was a pretty big deal in this movie, but that might just have been because we were almost in the front row due to underestimation of theatre audiences on New Year’s Day. Anyways, both Pike and her cleavage did a great job of jiggling about and keeping my attention. ( Side note, for the first half of the movie she was wearing this horrendous turtle neck sweater and I was like “What is happening here? Why is she wearing that?” But then my question was answered after all the important plot set up details were explained, those puppies got UNLEASHED and everyone was happy. ) If I had to compare this movie to something I would say it’s like 2009’s State of Play, but with considerably less political overtones.

Rating : I recommend.


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