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“Admission” Delights with Clever Jokes and Thoughtful Performances

27 Mar




Tina Fey and Paul Rudd star in Admission which features Fey as a 40 something woman who quickly watches her life fall apart and makes some startling discoveries on the road to finding herself and something or someone she really cares about.  Fey and Rudd are very good in this cute little film, and as I was hoping it would be, it’s a lot more thoughtful than most romantic comedies.

What I l liked particularly about this movie is it isn’t entirely about a romance between Rudd and Fey, as a matter of fact, that’s more of a side story. Fey discovers that the son she gave up for adoption 17 years ago is closer than she thinks, and is dying to go to Princeton, a problem directly concerning her as she is an admissions officer at said university.

This movie is really quite funny and smart, and I knew Fey wouldn’t pick some crappy screenplay where all the characters are one dimensional. I felt like all the characters were quite well -rounded and it definitely made me more invested in the movie than your typical rom com.

Side note for a second here. This hilarious thing happened while we were sitting in the film which, under normal circumstances, would irritate the shit out of me, but because this was so extreme it was actually quite hilarious. So everybody is sitting in their seat just watching the movie, it’s about fifteen minutes in at this point, when these two teenagers come in the theatre, sit in the front row, and literally start having a conversation at the same voice level you might use if you were in a very crowded bar on a Saturday night. It was….so absurd that it was funny. Literally everyone in the theatre could hear them and almost everyone was staring at them. My self and Ken were literally in the second row from the back and they were in the front and I could swear I smelt alcohol coming off them. So thirty seconds of this happens before some gentleman with the same amount of patience of this crap as me goes out and tells one of the staff. Usually Cineplex staff are pretty lenient ( a trait I don’t really appreciate but whatever) however this time the staff member goes right up two these two idiots and presumably asks them to leave, which they immediately do but not before clearly shouting “whatever man, this movie is boring anyway.” Tsk tsk. I swear they didn’t even give it a chance. Anyways, we thought that was probably the end of the shenanigans but apparently not because thirty minutes later the dude came back in, escorted by the staff member, because it appeared he’d left something in the seat. Ken and I were cracking up over it at this point. Anyways, thanks to the Aurora Cineplex for getting those assholes out of there ASAP because stuff like that really ruins it for everyone.

Back to the movie, I felt the pacing was a problem in a couple places but I did enjoy it and so did Ken. He was laughing even more than me in quite a few parts. I definitely enjoyed the story because it’s a bit different than the typical romcom mush fest. Initially I thought the premise was little dumb but as they say, you can’t judge a book by its….dumb premise. Unfortunately Admission is not doing very well at the box office so you’re going to have to catch this one quick before it gets bumped up out theatres by G.I Joe or the like.

Recommendation: An enjoyable romantic comedy with well-rounded characters, more than a few clever jokes and a solid story. 


The Incredible Burt Wonderstone isn’t exactly….Incredible

27 Mar


The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

I caught Burt Wonderstone a few weeks ago on a date night with Ken. We were both looking forward to it because of Jim Carrey’s presence in the film. We were not disappointed; it was a good role for him. Overall, this film was a cute and light time passer.


The story follows magicians Burt and Anton, childhood friends, played by Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi respectively. Although Burt and Anton used to be close, Burt has grown arrogant and obnoxious and their relationship is forced to a boiling point when they try to pull a new stunt, spurred on by Jim Carrey’s character, Criss Angel doppelganger Steve Gray. Burt is eventually humbled by this turn of events and learns to rediscover the joy of magic.


Overall this movie was cute and had a few laughs but it was pretty forgettable. A couple more drafts of the script might have produced some more ideas for funnier jokes.  It had a nice message about rediscovering the joy of something you were once passionate about but for a more starring such a hilarious cast, one expects a little more.


I would definitely recommend this on DVD if you’re in the mood for something light and sweet.