Catching Up with 42, The Place Beyond the Pines and Oblivion

22 May

Well. Well well well. Look who it is. It’s me. AND. It’s you. I’m back, you’re back. I am glad you have returned. I guess I’ve been on hiatus. Why, you ask? Well a number of very personal, private, serious, complicated issues.  Haha just kidding. I don’t have those things. It was pure, unadulterated laziness. I get very busy… doing the uh ….business that I do. The business of life, you know? HEY. On with the movie talk right? That’s what you came here for, isn’t it? So I can dispense my sweet sweet theatre going thoughts and you can lap them up with your greedy greedy…eyeballs.

Okay so I’ve seen a number of movies recently because it’s summer movie season bitches and I DON’T LIKE OUTSIDE. Honestly, I do pretend to. And I feel bad when it’s all summery outside and I just want to sit inside and watch the entire fourth season of Ally McBeal and just skip all the episodes that Robert Downey Jr isn’t in. Sometimes I do like outside. Like for a brief period of time. But then I get sweaty and skitter back inside like a frightened possum. What were we talking about? Ah yes, movies. I betcha wanna know what I’ve seen lately. You do? I’ll tell you.

If you’ve been reading this…”blog” you know I’ve stuck to a bit of a formula but fuck that. Unpredictability is the spice of life. P.S. Here’s a little PROtip. If the review is short, it means that I didn’t find it particularly memorable. Now this isn’t a bad thing, you can’t have an earth shattering experience at the movies EVERY time. Some stuff you just watch to fill your time. I have a weakness for summer blockbusters though, so you might notice my entries getting longer with titles that are bigger, ie raking in shit tons of cash. I’m going to summarize the synopsis and my thoughts on these three movies which I saw over the past two months because none of these films rocked my world and as a result I don’t have much to say on them. In case you are interested, Kenny liked 42 and Place Beyond the Pines but detested Oblivion.


This is a lovely biopic on the first black baseball player in professional baseball, Jackie Robinson. It starts Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman.  Overall this is a solid film that meanders a bit in spots but overall is a well-acted, well told, uplifting story. I’d wait for it on DVD or however you view your movies at home these days.

The Place Beyond the Pines

This was an interesting film starring Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper about what it means to be a father. The movie tells the two interwoven tales of the lives of Cooper and Gosling. It could really be two separate films because their lives don’t overlap much until the third act. It does feel a little long at times but is ultimately very thought provoking and honestly…a bit of a downer. The film poses a number of interesting moral quandaries so I recommend watching it with someone intelligent and articulate so you can afterwards discuss your thoughts on the various dilemmas. Also, there was this very funny part where Ryan Gosling does this very funny this with a dog, which was delightfully weird.


This futuristic pic stars Tom Cruise as Jack, a man who lives alone with a woman in a platform in the sky. Their little sky apartment is very chic. I liked it very much. Did I like this movie very much? The first act was EXCELLENT. We know Jack is having dreams about another woman and that he has voluntarily had his memory wiped. Oblivion is a great looking movie, and I can’t say enough about how great the set pieces and costumes are. However, middle of the second act it dissolves into some ridiculous sci-fi clichés about A.I and other crazy garbage. Trust me, the question is better than the answer in this film. I generally like Cruise, something about him is, obviously, very likable. Also, still looks great for his age. Also, he really feels like an every-man until you remember he’s bat shit crazy because he “practices” scientology.  Poor guy. As well, Morgan Freeman is in this movie. Just basically wasting his own time and everyone else’s. Just collecting a pay cheque. Good for him, I guess.


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