Robert Downey Jr Kicks Off the Summer with a Fun Start in Iron Man 3

27 May



How well do you know me? Here’s the thing, if you’ve known me for 20 years (Mhairi Kay) or 20 minutes, you know I have an Iron Man thing. Really, it’s a super hero thing in general. I LOVE superheroes. I didn’t always, but as soon as I saw the trailer for Iron Man in 2008 I knew there was something special between me and…the TV? I remember quite vividly going to see Iron Man at Colossus in Vaughn opening day in May 2008. When I walked out of that movie theatre, with the fullest bladder you can imagine, I was DONE. There’s no way to explain it that doesn’t make me seem like a psychotic moron, but I was, and still am, obsessed. Partially with Robert Downey, and partially with Tony Stark but totally with superheroes. I can, and will, talk about RDJ, Tony Stark, Iron Man and/or superheroes with absolutely anyone and everyone.

That being said, I was hugely disappointed with Iron Man 2. I understood what happened, and why it happened, but there was a massive amount of potential lost there. After the first movie, and learning about Stark’s back story, I was really really hoping they’d take the second film to a dark place. I like dark places. I like Tony Stark in a dark, alcoholic place. However, once Disney bought Marvel there was no chance that was going to happen. However, I was very excited when I read that Shane Black was going to be directing because he directed RDJ and Val Kilmer in one of my favorite movies, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (which you should totally watch if you have not already.) That little picture was extremely funny and smart and I knew I could hope for the same things from an Iron Man directed by Black. Was I excited for Iron Man 3? You betcha. Was I satisfied? Read on.

Iron Man 3 finds Tony Stark a bit at a loss of what to do with himself after the events of New York. For anyone silly enough to miss The Avengers, New York is basically all the events that happened in The Avengers. If you haven’t seen The Avengers YOU NEED TO SERIOUSLY RETHINK YOUR PRIORITIES AND PRETTY MUCH EVERY DECISION YOU’VE MADE IN LIFE UP UNTIL NOW.

What was I saying? Ah yes, Tony. He’s fiddling around with some toys in his garage, when a new threat called The Mandarin becomes known to ‘murica. Do I really need the synopsis here? He’s a superhero and bad guy wants to harm him/Pepper/various others so he has to stop them. There are quite a few laughs in this movie and an interesting plot twist. Some fans have voiced their discontent with this twist, but since I haven’t read the comic books I can’t really speak to it. I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll keep this brief.

Though there are various plot holes in this movie, it’s not hard to look past them and appreciate the wit and charm of this movie; specifically RDJ. If I’m being totally honest, this movie really hangs together on the charm, likability, and entertainment factors. The story is good but not great because the writers expect you to overlook some rather obvious questions when it comes to the Iron Man suit and the film’s central conflict in general. However, this is a summer block buster, and we can’t have Inception level expectations for every movie, can we? There is this kid who plays a great side kick role for Tony, played by Ty Simpkins, who really steals the show. All his scenes with RDJ are excellent and he really plays up the wise cracking kid part to great effect.

Trying to speak as an unbiased film goer, I will say go see this movie to kick off your summer with a fun start. It’s very funny, witty and likable but don’t analyze the plot or story too closely or it might fall apart all over your face. Really try to pay close attention to the dialogue here because Shane Black movies are very quick and if you’re not listening you may miss some great one liners. 


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