Man of Steel Falls A Little Short

21 Jun

ImageI was really looking forward to Man of Steel, and in a lot of ways it was good. Henry Cavill is the perfect Superman; he’s obviously incredibly handsome but he has this kindness in his face as well that is the epitome of Superman. Superman is this do-gooder who is supposed to guide the human race and Cavill definitely brings that calm authority to life. However, this movie failed to be emotionally engaging on a resonating level. Although there was some nice moments, it felt a bit…wooden. The relationship between Superman and his adopted parents was warm and believable, but the romance between Superman and Lois felt a bit…forced. Not that this is Amy Adam’s fault, but she’s not displaying much range here as go-getter journalist Lois Lane. We’ve seen this pushy character from her in The Fighter. Michael Shannon does an excellent job as the villain General Zod, but he’s always amazing. That’s why he’s Oscar nominated, dur. (See him in Revolutionary Road, he’s phenomenal.) 

I don’t mind non-linear storytelling either but it wasn’t used particularly effectively here, and this movie is way too long at 2 and a half hours. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine this as a franchise as successful as the Iron Man movies. Because Superman doesn’t really have any character flaws he doesn’t make for a particularly compelling leading man. 

Another problem I had with this movie is the fight scenes were very drawn out and there were whole blocks of time where it’s just people punching each other and wailing on each other and so on. It didn’t have that same charm that the incredible New York battle in Avengers did. Overall I was a little disappointed, but the performances from Cavill and the lovely photography is engaging enough to check out, if you are so inclined. 


One Response to “Man of Steel Falls A Little Short”

  1. Mhairi June 21, 2013 at 1:14 pm #

    Bahaha love the choice of words to describe Amy Adam’s character. How eloquent.

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