World War Z Ravages My Nerves and Earns My Affections

26 Jun


Hello again my friends. I am here to tell you about World War Z. Specifically, I am here to say I genuinely think you should see it.

World War Z stars Brad Pitt as Jerry Lane, a U.N investigator called in by the U.S. government to find out why the world’s going to shit in the zombie apocalypse. Lane’s family eventually makes it to a government safe haven but if Lane refuses to go to work and find the cause of this global melt down, they’ll have to leave.

 I loved this movie because it focuses on the WHY of the zombie apocalypse instead of the repercussions of it, which can be seen on great shows like The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is in the perfect venue for that story because there’s a lot to cover when you’re focusing on a character study. I really felt sad when World War Z was over; it really feels like there’s some great potential for a sequel or possibly even a franchise here.

Pitt is incredible in this role and still looks great for his age. I did not see this movie in 3D but I imagine it would be even more suspenseful because the fast zombies really get in your face. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care for zombies in my face. The suspense really carries the movie; I was gripping Ken’s arm multiple times throughout the film for fear of zombies in my face but also out of concern for Jerry’s character. You really root for this guy, even if he’s not great at turning his cell phone off.

I have heard a lot of complaining that the book the film is based on was not adapted well to the screen, but whatever cuts and reshoots they had to do happened to be for the best because what we’ve ended up with is a sleek, suspenseful, innovative look at zombies on a modern and global scale.  The fast zombies really turned the zombie idea on its head and make for a fast paced, action packed story. I also liked how I couldn’t really guess how a particular scenario was going to turn out, whether someone was going to turn and take the whole group down, or whether someone is trust worthy or not.

Definitely check this one out. 


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