Now You See Me Makes Me Wish I Didn’t See Anything….Ever.

5 Jul


I have to tell you something guys. I did not like Now You See Me. Did you hear that, Mhairi? I DID NOT enjoy it. When I saw the trailer, I was like “yeah, this could be good! Smart, ya know?” Boy, was I wrong. I don’t mind any of the lead actors but Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco and Woody Harrelson together is a bad combination for some reason. It could be because there was NO character development in this movie. Also, Mark Ruffalo kinda sucks balls. I thought he was alright as Bruce Banner in Avengers, but something about him grates my nerves. Maybe it’s his dopey voice, or his lack of ability to make facial expressions.

So if you’ve seen the trailer, you know the movie is about four different magicians, all with their own acts, abilities and style, and they are brought together to pull off a series of magic shows that are actually bank heists. Ruffalo is the special agent who is supposed to be in the case. He’s not on the case. He’s half assedly straddling it while thinking about the hot French chick he’s working with. (Will this French chick do anal? Do all French chicks like anal?)

This movie sucked so hard it barely qualified as entertaining. I was rolling my eyes half way through. It’s just so poorly put together, by the end you don’t even care about the “twist” ending. Also, can we talk about the stupid title for a second? It’s obviously a shortened version of a popular phrase that magicians use “now you see me, now you don’t.” Every time I spoke to someone about this movie, such as saying I was going to see it, I felt like it is way too many words, and arranged in such an awkward way people kept looking at me with an expectant look on their faces. I’m sorry guys, I did actually finish saying the title, you just can’t tell because of the idiots over in Hollywood.

It’s too bad because the premise is actually really neat; that’s what sold me on seeing this movie. Also, they played a catchy song in the trailer. That always gets me. I’d love to see this kind of premise in a movie with characters that I actually cared about, in a story that maintained my interest after the first twenty minutes, with a director that cared about not sucking. I need those things. What can I say? I’m high maintenance. 


One Response to “Now You See Me Makes Me Wish I Didn’t See Anything….Ever.”

  1. Hello, I am a name October 16, 2013 at 2:16 pm #

    Agreed… this movie was terrible. The “love” story between Rufalo and his french sidekick was completely irrelevant, the stupid twist at the end was just for the sake of having a twist, and the movie tried way to hard to make scenes filled with awe by spinning the camera in awkward ways and playing pretentious epic music. ALOT. And yes I totally agree with no character devolopment… this movie didn’t even feature the 4 main characters that much at all. It was mostly about how stupid the character Rufalo played is. I had high hopes… then Hollywood took them away. Thank god for french toast… although I’m almost done… am I full? meh

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