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The Lost Files

22 Nov

So I saw a couple movies in the summer that I didn’t end up writing reviews for for various reasons. Here’s what you missed my thoughts on. I will give you my thoughts on them now. Right now. Are you ready? Get ready. Here they are:Image


Monsters University

It was awesome. It’s a Pixar movie, what did you expect? Funny, heart warming and a unique message for kids, which was refreshing. 


It was alright. They really tried to inject Japanese culture into the film to give it a fresh edge but it wasn’t executed very well. Great female presence though. Women in this movie really kicked ass, which was wicked awesome. 


A spiffy sci-fi thriller with Matt Damon. Was just alright. Cool to see Jodie Foster as a villain. Bit forgettable really.


2 Guns

This exceeded my expectations. Was actually a really fun buddy cop type movie. Walhberg and Washington are funny and have great chemistry. Whole film had a great sense of style. 


Kick Ass 2

The film makers tried valiantly to recapture the spirit and camp of the first movie but without much success. It was entertaining but ultimately forgettable compared to the first. Also the romance between hit-girl and kickass felt very contrived. 

At World’s End

Ken and I went into this with HIGH expectations, being huge fans of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. We were sadly quite a bit dissapointed in this movie because it quite lacked the charm and wit of the other two. Also the alien premise was a bit hard to love, I felt. Still, there were some funny parts, but not enough to put this film in the same category as Shaun and Fuzz. Was really surprised at the overwhelming positive critical feedback on this one. 



Rush was a bit of a complicated affair for me. I was really looking forward to seeing it but walked away…somewhat confused and disappointed. Frankly I was confused about being disappointed seeing as there wasn’t anything obviously wrong with this film. It scored well on rotten tomatoes and rightfully so, having great performances by Bruhl and Hemsworth with a real-life interesting story. The photography was also lovey but somehow it just didn’t manage to make you feel as exhilarated as one would expect from a movie about race cars. I found it to be mediocre overall.  


12 Years a Slave Is Emotionally Wrenching yet Stunningly Beautiful

15 Nov


12 Years a Slave is about Solomon Northup, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, a free black man living in Washington in 1841. He has a lovely wife and kids and they are pretty well off judging by their fancy clothes and the mad respect they elicit from a lot of townspeople. One night Solomon kidnapped and sold into slavery. This isn’t a spoiler because based on the title…how did you think he was going to end up being a slave? The first place Solomon ends up is on a sugar cane plantation with an owner who isn’t horribly mean as far as slave owners go. (The plantation owner is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, by the way, who is AMAZING in all things and ways but especially in this.) However, due to unfortunate circumstance, he ends up at another plantation run by Micheal Fassbender’s character Edwin Epps and he REEKS of crazy. And  cruelty. And his wife is bonkeroos too. 

So this movie has a lot of fascinating themes in it, especially about humanity, and what it means to be human. The fragility and vulnerability of humans is emphasized to great effect in almost every scene. Solomon learns to survive, to adapt, to find hope where there is none. I’ve never seen another movie that tells the honest story of what it meant to be a slave, to be less than a person, like this film does. This story is so personal, so accessible that it draws you in with quiet moments of reflection as well as moments of unspeakable horror. Even though this movie is emotionally very challenging, it is also extremely beautiful. Director Steve McQueen has captured all the richness, the colour, the thriving life of the south. However the beauty extends even past the visual; it is a beautiful story that encompasses all the evil that a man can endure, and shows that parallel to the strength, the endurance and undying spirit a man can exercise in the face of such unimaginable circumstances. 

Chiwetel Ejiofor will certainly be nominated for an Oscar, as while as Fassbender and McQueen for Direction. We will also undoubtably see this in the Best Picture category. Don’t hesitate to see this movie. Don’t hesitate to let it take you to the dark places. You won’t regret it in the end. 



Thor Dark World Kicks Off Exciting Holiday Season

13 Nov


Obviously, I am a huge fan of the Avengers and particularly Loki. Thor is a lovely character but somehow Loki ends up stealing those scenes right out from underneath him. Loki is becoming quite similar to Tony Stark in the way that though he has a lot of negative qualities, you really want to root for him and believe that his good can overcome his evil. However Loki has the benefit of not knowing whether he really has any “good” to speak of, which makes him even more interesting. Tom Hiddleston does an amazing job portraying Loki and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Loki get his own movie in the near future. 

So Thor Dark World picks up after Avengers, with Jane and Darcy still working together, however Eric Selvig has gone on a holiday from sanity. Thor misses Jane and we are soon rewarded  with their reunion. IT WAS ADORABLE.  The plot ultimately unfolds around these gorgeous evil elf people trying to bring a literal end to the universe, plunging every world into darkness. This whole story is mildly interesting, but really makes this movie worth watching is of course, the family conflict between brothers Thor and Loki, and their parents Odin and Frigga.  As we know, Loki is adopted, or rather stolen, from his home of Johutenheim, where the frost giants reside. Loki greatly resents his father for this, but not his mother. Loki is also pissed that Thor is to be king when Loki fancies himself an excellent applicant for the position. However, Thor is correct in his observation that the throne would suit him ill. 

Jane is incorporated into the story in an interesting way after she touches this dark matter stuff. I think the whole dark matter thing will come into play for the next Avenger movie, after all The Avengers whole conflict was based around the tesseract, an item from Thor’s world. However, while this was noted and filed in my brain for later, what really makes the price of admission worth it is the comedy in this movie. They managed to squeeze so many jokes in here sometimes it throws off the tone of the movie a bit. Overall though, I can never really complain about a movie being too funny. 

Only downside? The goddamn 3D. No way to see this movie without having to watch it in 3D format. 3D didn’t benefit this movie in anyway so that was very irritating. Other than that, go see Thor Dark World right away!