The Lost Files

22 Nov

So I saw a couple movies in the summer that I didn’t end up writing reviews for for various reasons. Here’s what you missed my thoughts on. I will give you my thoughts on them now. Right now. Are you ready? Get ready. Here they are:Image


Monsters University

It was awesome. It’s a Pixar movie, what did you expect? Funny, heart warming and a unique message for kids, which was refreshing. 


It was alright. They really tried to inject Japanese culture into the film to give it a fresh edge but it wasn’t executed very well. Great female presence though. Women in this movie really kicked ass, which was wicked awesome. 


A spiffy sci-fi thriller with Matt Damon. Was just alright. Cool to see Jodie Foster as a villain. Bit forgettable really.


2 Guns

This exceeded my expectations. Was actually a really fun buddy cop type movie. Walhberg and Washington are funny and have great chemistry. Whole film had a great sense of style. 


Kick Ass 2

The film makers tried valiantly to recapture the spirit and camp of the first movie but without much success. It was entertaining but ultimately forgettable compared to the first. Also the romance between hit-girl and kickass felt very contrived. 

At World’s End

Ken and I went into this with HIGH expectations, being huge fans of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. We were sadly quite a bit dissapointed in this movie because it quite lacked the charm and wit of the other two. Also the alien premise was a bit hard to love, I felt. Still, there were some funny parts, but not enough to put this film in the same category as Shaun and Fuzz. Was really surprised at the overwhelming positive critical feedback on this one. 



Rush was a bit of a complicated affair for me. I was really looking forward to seeing it but walked away…somewhat confused and disappointed. Frankly I was confused about being disappointed seeing as there wasn’t anything obviously wrong with this film. It scored well on rotten tomatoes and rightfully so, having great performances by Bruhl and Hemsworth with a real-life interesting story. The photography was also lovey but somehow it just didn’t manage to make you feel as exhilarated as one would expect from a movie about race cars. I found it to be mediocre overall.  


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