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Catching Fire = GoodtimesAwesomefeels

11 Dec


I have been a fan of the Hunger Games series before they were movies and enjoyed the books immensely. Sometimes you just stumble across a book, and you are strangers, but then you stay up all night and go on this amazing journey and then this book is like a close friend. And it’s difficult to try to change a story that you consider epic, and characters that are heart breakingly brave into a different medium.

It’s stunning the way this book has been adapted to screen so successfully. I believe it’s because it’s such a universal story of bravery overcoming fear and people trying to balance the cost of a revolution against a powerful government that we are so enraptured with what we see on the screen. Every aspect of this film, from the performances, to the writing to the set and costume design to the photography is amazing. The intricate wardrobes of the people from the capitol will make you marvel at the level of ingenuity of Trish Summerville.

Director Francis Lawrence guides the audience through moments of incredible emotional potency. Katniss is one of my favorite heroes because she’s brave and strong, but she’s also afraid and unsure. She isn’t this Captain America type where she’s out to save everyone; she’s terribly realistic and thus she knows she could only hope to try to save those closest to her. However, it becomes clear throughout the movie that Katniss has set a revolution off that she has no idea how to control or contain, and her best play is simply to try not to be manipulated by those around her. While she learns to trust her friends, a war is dawning that is more violent than she may be able to bear. 

So I’ve seen this twice and I highly recommend it to anyone with a brain. If you don’t have a brain, or if you have terrible taste in movies and books, or if you hate brave, strong female heroes, then do not see this movie. 

On another note, holiday movie season is upon us. Do you know what that means? That means that this is the time of year where studios pull out the big guns and wow us. Or at least I hope they will. The Academy Awards are a few short months away and I’ve only seen a couple films that are contenders so I’m really hoping for some surprises this month and next. So far I think movies like 12 Years A Slave, Gravity and Captain Phillips are assured nominations but obviously there’s going to be a lot of buzz around films like Her and Wolf of Wall Street.