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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no no! Its a….new post!

22 Apr


hELLO. Hey that just came out like that. I’m going to leave it. Wouldn’t it be funny if I didn’t correct the spelling/grammar in this post at all? Man that would be embarrassing. It certainly has been a while since I’ve updated but I’m feeling very….groovy tonight from an invigorating violin practice so I’m going to toss this out for you. I’ve seen precious few movies in the last few months but my lack of posts might indicate to you that I’ve seen none! I’d like to correct that assumption and tell you I’ve seen Grand Budapest Hotel, Captain America; Winter Solider, as well as the Lego Movie, which is better left unsaid frankly. 

I’ll start with the Lego Movie because I have very little to say on it. It’s got a cliche story line, but it’s a nice message for families (read:kids). It’s bright and colourful and the animation is very detailed, but almost all the jokes fell flat for me. It just wasn’t my cup of tea and we probably shouldn’t have seen it. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel, on the other hand, was a treat. I actually haven’t seen very many Wes Anderson movies but I enjoyed The Fantastic Mr Fox tremedously and I was greatly looking forward to this. I was not let down. It was just as weird, quirky and delightful as I expected it to be. The story is kind of a story within a story, within a story, which I thought was fun right off the bat. There is a very fine hotel up in the mountains, which is in the heyday of its glory in the 1930’s. It is run by the incomparable Ralph Fiennes as Gustave H, a man so dignified, sophisticated and civilized even in the 1930’s he is considered more high class than most. Gustave welcomes all the wealthy patrons to the hotel, and treats them like royalty, even catering to their more base desires, no matter their age. A woman Gustave has treated well passes away and leaves him a priceless painting called Boy with Apple. Gustave enlists the help of his dear friend and lobby boy Zero to go retrieve it, despite the wishes of the woman’s conniving family. Of course there are a host of familiar faces like Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Jude Law among many others and its such fun to see them show up on screen briefly, serve their purpose, then take off to be replaced by another new, interesting character. I enjoyed everything about this film from the wacky comedy, to the story within a story device, to the abrupt violence, which I always think spices things up. The only thing that was a bit sad was the ending, but one must take it with a grain of salt and recognize the sadness of the ending lends the film a fine sense of nostalgia. 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is everything that you have come to expect Marvel movies to be; grand, exciting and funny, while also capturing a more meaningful message by embracing themes and issues that non-super hero people can relate to. Steve Rogers is a lonely man, still working with SHIELD and Nick Fury to bring down the bad guys. Things start to go topsy turvy when Fury is attacked and suddenly nobody knows who to trust. Can Rogers count on Black Widow, or is she in on it too? Who is the winter soldier? This movie deals with themes of corruption in corporate organizations, absolute power in the hands of people who may not know how to use it, and the alienation Rogers faces as a man with very few people he can trust, and fewer he actually likes. Captain America has always been my least favorite Marvel hero because he’s a bit too straight laced for me. Why have a boy scout when you can have hard-drinking, womanizing, demon filled Tony Stark? Or, even better, Loki of Asgard! (Somebody get that man a movie, I’m serious, shut up and take my money.) But I sympathize with Steve’s loneliness, his isolation and his desire to seek out black and white right and wrong in a grey world. Winter Soldier has a pretty neat twist in it which I think few will see coming. The relationship dynamic between Steve and Natasha is fun and sexy without forcing a romance that would undermine Black Widow and Hawk Eye (who are a super awesome pairing, face it.) It’s also great to see a strong female presence from Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill. No, I don’t watch Agents of Shield but it is on my radar if I can ever stop watching Supernatural. Overall, another hit from Marvel, and even if, like me, Captain America isn’t your favorite hero, you will still enjoy this well-made blockbuster immensely. 

Since spring is here it’s time to start getting excited about the summer blockbusters we have coming to us. I don’t think it will surprise anyone that the majority of this list is super hero movies. I don’t know what to say, I fucking love super hero movies. I wish I was a super hero, I wish I lived in a super hero universe, I want to be them and be ON them simultaneously. It’s a lot of emotions to deal with, that’s why this blog exists. My top picks for summer blockbusters are Guardians of The Galaxy, X-Men Days of Future Past, Maleficent and The Amazing Spider Man 2. For non super hero movies I like The Fault in Our Stars, and, trust me I never thought I’d say this, but A Million Ways to Die in the West. I HATED Ted, and I generally don’t think Seth MacFarlane’s brand of humour is that great but the trailer had me laughing my ass off.