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Edge of Tomorrow Melts Minds to Become First Great Movie of 2014

8 Jun


Tom Cruise is Will Cage, an arrogant public relations officer in the U.S. military. He is sent over to the front lines of combat in a war humanity has found itself in with creatures of a extraterrestrial nature. He dies the next day on the beach in a massive slaughter, one of the final stages of the war which humanity will lose and ruthless aliens are apparently destined to win. Then he wakes up the next day to the same people saying the same things until he finally finds Rita, solider who had this time loop power but lost it. With Rita’s guidance he advances further and further, still dying everyday until his skills improve. This happens again and again until he has only one day left to get it right and save the world.

I went in to this movie knowing very little about it, perhaps even on the reluctant side especially after seeing Source Code which I thought had similar premise. While Source Code was repetitive, boring in its overcomplicatedness and ultimately forgettable, The Edge of Tomorrow is an edge of your seat, thrilling adventure that has you rooting for Cruise, and laughing in all the right places to keep you engaged. Edge of Tomorrow has flawless editing that allows the story to move forward smoothly without irritating the audience too much having to hear the same dialogue repeatedly. I’m not a video game person but I understand the premise is the same as many games where you advance until you are killed then have to start over. The pacing of this film was perfect and I’ll tell you how I know; because my mind did not wander. The minute your brain withdraws from a movie like this and starts clicking into other things, grocery lists, plans for the next day, previous encounters of the current day, you begin the process of withdrawing from the movie and that’s not what any film maker should want. That is not what I, as the viewer, wants. I paid my 15 bucks (thanks price of 3D) and I expect to be whisked far away from my routine life. Although this is ultimately a simple story about a man trying to save the world, all the other details are what makes this film great. Everything falls into place to make this the perfect summer blockbuster. 

The special effects were fantastic and very rarely blurry. Though many of the battles are fast paced, you don’t feel as if you’re lost in the chaos. There have been an extraordinary amount of different cinematic aliens that come in all shapes, sizes and colours with many abilities but these creatures were a fascinating hybrid of spider and beast and far enough removed from any humanistic qualities that the audience isn’t asking questions like “why can’t they reason with them? What’s driving them to take over the planet anyway?” Those are the kind of questions I’m usually asking in films like this but this time I wasn’t compelled to question the motivations of something that doesn’t seem to have basic human emotions. 

Cruise is excellent here and part of the reason this movie works so well. There are so few leading men who can pull of a role like this that needs charm, charisma and subtle character development. It is a testament to Cruise that I can watch this movie and forget what I know about him (he’s batshit crazy) and love his character, root for this character and empathize with him. Blunt is wonderful here as well. I’ve always liked her because she makes great choices about what which roles she chooses, and she’s such an unconventional beauty with a fierce attitude. She is a fantastic actress who picks interesting roles which defy boring stereotypes.

I hope this review will make you excited to see this movie without raising your expectations to unrealistic heights. Please watch the movie then come back and we can just talk about how amazing it was in the comments! I am fearful this movie will not get paid the attention it deserves because it is among so many summer releases, and Cruises’ stock has plummeted recently. However, this is a do not miss movie! Everything comes together perfectly to leave you feeling exhilarated upon leaving the theater and that’s all I can ask for in a summer blockbuster.