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So-so films Round Off the End of the Summer

1 Oct

Guardians of the Galaxy


I felt like I didn’t really need to write a review on this because, I mean, how much more obvious could it be that it was an amazing film. Was it all your friends telling you how fantastic it was? Was it the 90% on Funny, heartfelt, exciting space adventures make this my favourite film of the summer, besides Edge of Tomorrow. I keep meaning to get to the theater to see this a second time but my wallet won’t let me. I will definitely be picking it up on DVD when the time comes.

Hector and the Search for Happiness

Hector and the Search for Happiness New Smiley Poster

This film stars Simon Pegg as Hector, a therapist who has become bored and disinterested in his clients, and really his whole life. Except for his lovely girlfriend played by Rosamund Pike. He decides to take an exciting trip to remote locations in order to ask himself and others the question “what makes you happy?” I generally like movies about self discovery and character development but the critics called this too schmaltzy to be redeemed. After I looked about what “schmaltz” meant, I agreed that the execution of some of the plot points are a bit heavy handed, I didn’t agree that it was too much so to not recommend this film. Simon Pegg’s charm and the general thoughtful conversation this film promotes is enough for me to tell you it would not detract from your happiness to watch.

Let’s Be Cops


Okay so this one I saw quite a while ago but I do remember it exceeded my expectations. (Go in with low expectations.) Friends Justin and Ryan are both struggling in their lives in different ways, but they relive some of the good times by pretending to be cops. Even the premise of the movie is a bit weak, but anyone who knows Jake Johnson from New Girl and Damon Wayans Jr from Happy Endings will be drawn to their silly antics, charm and chemistry. The plot unfolds in a very predictable way but there are enough funny moments for me to have genuinely enjoyed Let’s Be Cops.

The Maze Runner


Ohmygod where do I even start. This movie was the worst piece of trash I’ve seen this year. We had nothing better to do on a saturday night and hadn’t seen a movie in a while so that’s how this Maze Runner ended up wasting two hours of my life. I usually really like dystopian films, and this was a best selling novel so I figured “what could the harm be?” It starts with some little shit named Thomas waking up in the middle of a field, which is in the middle of a maze, which is the middle of a “sun scorched” world. That may have been a spoiler but not really because it’s so utterly stupid. Anyways Thomas wakes up and he’s all “I don’t remember my name bro!” And the other bros are like “BRUH. YOU ARE IN THE MAZZEEE NOW.” Wow. Thomas wants to run in the maze but he can’t because he’s sooooooo damn gay. No wait, that’s not it. There’s another reason. Ahh I can’t remember it because it was idiotic. BUT. BUT THEN. He does run in the maze! He loves the maze! It’s his home now. Oh wait, there’s giant mechanical spiders in the maze. But Thomas won’t stand for it; he bops them on the nose! The spiders get sooo sooo angry then attack the village in the field. Then everyone “escapes.” Then they find out that there was no point to this movie at all. The end.

P.S. This was even more devastating to me because for some reason it scored well on Did every single person who saw this movie get super blitzed beforehand? There is no other explanation.

P.S.S. I will throw this film a bone and say the performances are good and there are some suspenseful scenes that really work but nobody wastes $12 of mine and gets away with it.



Here was another dud. I love fantasy type movies with a strong female lead, but what this film lacked was a decent story. Or any kind of story really. If you watch the trailer, you’ve basically seen the whole movie. There is no twist. Lucy is studying abroad in some asian country and a mafia type guy forces her to put a revolutionary new drug inside her stomach so she can transport it undetected. However the drugs start to leak into her system and cause her to brain to become supercharged and then she gets wild, crazy powers but then the powers are too much and she starts….dying? There’s really nothing to like about this film. The “humour” fell flat for me, and fancy visuals are not enough to save something with no real story. Scarlett Johansson is a great actress but with such a shitty script I guess there wasn’t much she could do.

If I Stay

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Chloe Grace Mortez plays Mia Hall who is a talented cellist and has a difficult decision to make between going to Julliard and staying with her rocker boyfriend. The variables in her decision suddenly change when she is in a terrible car accident and has to decide to try to fight for her life or go on to whatever lies next. Though this film deals with some heavy themes of life and death and mortality, I think many people will relate to being in Mia’s shoes, trying to make a decision between two very desirable choices. This movie plays with the chronology of events which is fun and interesting, and shows a truly loving relationship between Mia and her parents and brother. However, scenes that required a lighter touch tend to get mashed into your face asking “why aren’t you crying yet?” And you will cry, but just maybe not until the end. I should mention that I have always loved the cello so the music in this movie really appealed to me and I hope it will to you as well.

Sneak Peak Review


I had the immense pleasure of seeing the Imitation Game at TIFF this year. The film stars the incomparable Benedict Cumberbatch, with Keira Knightly and Matthew Goode in supporting roles. Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing, a British mathematician and computer scientist who helps the government break the German enigma code during WWII. Turing has good ideas but makes enemies of every one of his colleagues almost immediately with his arrogance and tactless manners. He then faces an uphill battle to gain the trust of his team and develop a machine that will help the Allies win the war. I almost do not want to write a review for this film because I will not do it justice. Frankly it is an incredible story about a very important man who was mistreated horribly, but whose amazing accomplishments are weaved in technology we use today. The film starts off surprisingly funny and then radiates with tension and suspense in the middle and through to the end. Benedict is superb and I hope to see this film and him win academy awards. (Swoon)

So let’s take a minute to talk about what’s coming up for the rest of the year. There are so many excellent film to look forward to this fall season which is my favourite;  Gone Girl  ( which you should buy and read immediately), The Judge, Mockingjay, Penguins of Madagascar, The Theory of Everything, Horns, Fury and Interstellar to name a few. I am hoping to update more regularly but I really feed off the feedback from my readers. I obviously don’t get paid to write and the procrastination monster is always suggesting I browse tumblr instead of reflecting on movies and writing about it. So please let me know if you’d like to read my stuff on a more regular bases and perhaps I can branch out into television and chatting about Netflix as well.