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Rounding up Fall and Winter

17 Dec


I was hugely disappointed by this film. I really hate Matthew Mcconaughey and Anne Hathaway, the two leads in this film. There’s very few stars I actively don’t like and I can’t believe these two got cast together in a Nolan movie. The film was engaging right up until they landed on the planet with a surprise star who wasn’t mentioned in the billing. You’ll obviously know when you see him (and it was really quite funny to see him in this movie) and yeah after the events that occur with that character everything goes downhill and stays down. I challenge anyone to explain the nonsense that is the last quarter of this movie. I am so disappointed in you Nolan.

Big Hero 6

Here is a movie that I have very mixed opinions on. As I walked out of the theater my initial reaction was I didn’t care for the story much, though the jokes and animation were pretty great. But that was a few weeks ago and I find that I am still laughing to myself about the jokes without reflecting badly on the film. Not really sure what to say about this one. I would recommend it but you really have to expect Disney to do better on the story next time.

Penguins of Madagascar

Light, fluffy and silly. There’s very little substance to this movie but it was weird and wacky enough that I liked it.


Another excellent installment to the Hunger Games series with incredible performances from the entire cast. Yeah this film did not have a lot of action, but I knew that having read the books. I’m also not a terribly big fan of loads of scenes of blowing stuff up. This film will definitely be the calm before the storm and I’m very excited and interested to see how the next film will handle the book to screen adaption.

Dumber and Dumber To

Just so flipping dumb. I won’t say I didn’t laugh occasionally, and the twist in the plot at the end did manage to surprise me a little but there was no where near the amount of thought put into the jokes that made the first movie a classic.


A fascinating study in the technical aspects of film making and performances that are truly¬†fantastic, but the story of this movie is utterly ridiculous. Perhaps people who live and work in the entertainment industry might connect with the story but it’s so absurdly out of touch it’s hard to care what happens to any of the narcissistic and vapid characters.


One of the better films of the fall with great performances from Brad Pitt and Logan Lermann but a truly astonishing performance from Shia Lebeouf. I swear I could not look away any time he was on screen. Edge of your seat suspense and action scenes with the tanks that will knock your socks off. The ending is a bit of a let down but overall do not miss this one.

Gone Girl

Hands down my favourite book and film of the year. I had all the faith in David Fincher’s direction and it absolutely paid off. Wow to Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck and every other actor who made this movie the best of 2014.