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Shooting Into Spring

10 Mar

The Kingsman Secret Service

If you’re a fan of the old James Bond movies, you’re going to find this film tremendously amusing. If you’re not, you still will but there will be a sense you are missing out on some inside jokes (because you are.) Secret Service stars a host of excellent British actors notably Colin Firth as Galahad, who tries to take young trouble maker Eggsy under his wing. Eggsy signs up for the most dangerous job interview ever and undertakes the mission to become a member of this elite secret agency, while obviously saving the world from a nefarious plot. It’s fast paced, hilarious, fun to watch and gloriously violent. The second half might feel a little strange for some, and granted it is pretty kooky, but just enjoy the ride.

50 Shades of Grey

I did mean to write about this one soon after I saw it on opening night, which was (brilliantly) on Feb 14th. However, I got so tired of explaining why all morons who had formed an opinion, without reading the books or watching the film, didn’t deserve to be talking about this I got a little burned out on the issue. To be clear, I did read all the books and I was interested to see what a female screen writer and female director was going to do with a best selling novel written by a female.

The answer is: make a stylish, fun, sexy and funny film about one damaged man and the girl who naively longs for his love. Are some of Christian Grey’s behaviours problematic? Yes. Should you run away from a guy who does those things in real life? Of course. Is this relationship a good representative of the BDSM community? Very much no. Maybe it’s because I hang out on tumblr a lot, but I was starting to get scared no one was going to see this movie because every fuckwit with an opinion and no information declared they were boycotting it. It has since broken box office records and I’ll swallow my lesson to not take tumblr so seriously. I’m not sure when people lost sight of the fact that this is a movie and not a how-to dating manual. If these characters had a normal love life, nobody would be going to see that boring ass movie.

Anyways, the sex scenes are super hot and I’m excited for the sequel.


Margot Robbie and Will Smith star as two sexy con men/thieves/ pick pockets who have “strong” feelings for each other but obviously can’t trust each other. This movie did pretty well on rotten tomatoes and I can’t fucking figure out why. There’s no chemistry between Smith and Robbie and the second half of the movie was train wreck. There was however, considerable chemistry between myself and Margot Robbi. I have a massive crush on her. I am walking the line between I want to be her and I want to be ON her. Oh man. She is flawless. Anyway, don’t see this movie because it isn’t very good. At best it’s forgettable.