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Cinderella is a beautiful fairy tale…and a good movie too

1 Apr


Oh my stars. I just loved this movie. For someone who was never able to squash those day dream fantasies and live in the real world, this movie is right up my alley. I have always been a huge Disney nerd but Cinderella was never my favorite (until now). I always thought Ever After was the definitive Cinderella story. That scene where Drew comes out to the costume ball wearing those wings, AMIRIGHT.

Lily James stars as Ella, who has grown up in a beautiful and loving home with wonderful parents. She suffers the loss of her mother graciously, but is devastated to lose her father as well. As we all know, she is left with her cruel step mother and malicious step sisters. Everything changes when she meets a handsome and kindly stranger in the forest one day, and I think you know the rest of the story.

This movie is the epitome of all that is pure, sweet, optimistic and magical. Ella suffers tragic loss, and finds true love, and through it all remains kind and honest. She is the kind of person I aspire to be, even though there’s a reason movies like this are called fairy tales. Although the story is well worn, the right performances, pacing and set pieces (not to mention the gorgeous costumes) can breathe life back into this tale. I love how Disney takes stories that are universally relatable and retells them. Themes like persevering through suffering, trying to adapt to difficult changes in your life, and ultimately getting a happy ending by finding love are never tired, when told articulately through an interesting story with the right actors.

I was totally enamored with the costumes and sets in this movie. I loved how the wicked step mother’s dresses were colourful, rich and elaborate while still hinting at a modern touch. Hardly any of the costumes could be pegged into a particular time period or geography, which makes them all the more other wordly and magical. Ella’s simple blue dress is a timeless piece, but her perfectly tousled curls identifies her as a natural beauty. On a side note, I always feel bad for the girls who get cast as the ugly step sisters because what actress wants to be put in that category? I suppose the pay cheque makes up for it but still.

Lastly, the final key to this successful story is Richard Madden as the Prince. Those sparkling blue eyes and softly curled hair could make any girl sigh, but his kind and sweet disposition make him a perfect match for Ella.

There are some who might film this film saccharine or boring, but if you can still get in touch with that inner kid, this movie will warm your heart.