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Summer Hits

8 Jul

Jurassic Park

To be totally honest, I don’t ever recall having seen the original Jurassic Park movies as a kid. Or as an adult either. I didn’t want to see them, is what I’m trying to get at okay?! They were too scary for me as a kid….and as an adult as well I guess. Anyways, Jurassic Park is about a theme park filled with actual dinosaurs which people come and visit on an island in Costa Rica. Bryce Dallas Howard’s character is this type-A neurotic director of the park who has her nephews coming to visit for the weekend that….everything goes nuts! They’ve been developing a new dinosaur spliced together with super scary DNA and not surprisingly the results are…a smart killer T-Rex. Chris Pratt is there as well as the sexy, raptor handler. Honestly, this movie is so cheesy it’s funny. There was one scene where the raptors are tracking down the scary T-Rex and….man it was funny. You’ll have to see it.

The Avengers

For me, the Avengers isn’t just a movie. I care about the characters so much that the whole film could be the group playing pool and I’d love it. But, putting those subjective viewpoints aside, this movie is still quite excellent. The Avengers are faced with a new villian that Stark inadventantly creates from mutating Jarvis. His name is Ultron and he has daddy issues. We also meet two new super humans, Scarlett Witch and Pedro who is super fast. For me, this movie is as perfect as it could be. Funny, full of action, great suspense, good dialogue. The worst part was the horrible forced romance between Banner and Natasha who have absolutely no chemistry. Since the Hulk isn’t really human, there’s also a touch of beastiality. The whole thing is just super gross. But other than that, I loved it and saw it more than once.


Starring Melissa McCarthy as a desk jockey working for the CIA, she lives vicariously through her coworker in the field (and crush) Jude Law. When Law is killed during a mission, it’s the fire she needs to get out in the field and avenge her friend. McCarthy is very funny in this film, but Rose Byrne who the one who really killed me. I don’t quite know if this film was funny enough to merit the 90+ it got on rotten tomatoes, but certainly funny enough to recommend. My husband, however, did not care for this movie at all.

Fast and Furious

This movie is utterly ridiculous in all the ways you might expect. People in cars dropped out of airplanes, who speed up a mountain as soon as they hit the ground. Cars flying through skyscrapers. I mean…..just what the hell. But I, along with everyone else in the theater, cried at the suitably touching tribute to Paul Walker. And then they played that song on the radio for the next few months so I could cry every time I heard it….until the 300th time when I was dead inside from the previous 299 times.

Inside Out

Hmmmm. Hmnmm hmm. Inside Out is a tricky movie for me to reflect on. I went in with incredibly high expections due to the high critical praise. The comparasons to Up were prevalent and Up is, quite frankly a masterpiece. It’s hysterically funny and yanks on the heart strings in all the right places every time. Inside Out was not particularly funny, which I think was it’s biggest downfall. The story features Riley, a hockey loving eleven year old who is moved from Minasoda to California and finds herself missing friends, struggling with her parents and not enjoying the activites she is used to. I think the biggest problem with this movie is we never actually get to know Riley. We only get to know the voices in her head. Of course the voices in our head make up our personalites, but we never really get to see the sum of these parts. Or, at least I never felt like we did. I can see that Pixar is trying to simplfy it for kids to understand, but for that reason it didn’t resonate with me.

Magic Mike XXL

I was pretty dissapointed with this movie. The first movie¬†had the right mix of plot, sexy guys dancing and Channing Tatum being the hero. I think they were trying to go for a “bros go on a roadtrip” feel for this movie, but I’ll tell ya whut, that’s not what puts the butts in the seats. ¬†Also, another crappy female lead. Cody Horn who played the female love interest practically destroyed every scene she was in the first movie with her stupid, expressionless face and while the new female lead wasn’t THAT bad, she wasn’t much good either. Frankly there wasn’t enough guys dressed up in outfits for me. Mike’s routine at the end of the movie really stole the show, but I didn’t enjoy sitting through the other 90 minutes to get there.

Mad Max

This may be my favorite orginal movie of the summer. I’m using the word original quite losely here, based on the fact of the sequels but this movie is quite exceptional. It’s visually stunning, heart poundingly exciting, great performances, simple but effective storyline and great feminist themes. Max is captured by the War Boys and brought to their HQ to be used as a blood bag for the white painted fellows who are in poor health. When Max’s War Boy volunteers to go on a misson to capture Furiosa who has betrayed their leader and kidnapped his wives, Max is along for the ride. After a spectacular crash, Max teams up with Furiosa to get the wives away from their monstrous leader. The movie may be called Mad Max, but Furiosa is the star of the show. Tom Hardy does a great job with making us like Max in very few words, but the journey is really Furiosa’s. She is a bad-ass hero seaching for redemption along with Max. No romance is forced between them and this allows a camraderie to form. Love love love this movie!

Pitch Perfect 2

I don’t think I liked the original film as much as some people did, but the second one was quite enjoyable. There are some what the hell is going on here moments, and the strength of this film is defnitely in the music.

I’m not sure what to expect for the rest of the summer. I’m looking forward to Train Wreck hugely, and I’m nervous but kind of excited for Ant Man as well. I’ll probably see Minions, though I’m not terribly excited for it. I’m a big fan of John Green’s writing so I’m looking forward to Paper Towns, though it’ll be interesting to see if it really translates to the screen. SouthPaw could be good, but we’ve seen similar stories before. The Fantastic Four looks totally meh and The Man from Uncle is going to be typical Guy Richie, which is to say quite good and very stylish. American Ultra will probably only be the only thing worth seeing to finish off the summer. I remember about this time last year when I saw Edge of Tomorrow and was totally blown away by it. I’m not expecting that by end of summer but we’ll see!