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Warm Bodies Warms My Heart

15 Feb


NOTE**** This first version of this review got deleted by fucking stupid WordPress sonofabitch. I fucking worked on that review for like an hour and then it just got deleted out of no where as soon as I published my review on Gangster Squad so I’m extremely pissed right now. I don’t think I have the heart to rewrite a whole other post, trying to be as similar to the deleted one as possible, so I’ll just summarize. The first paragraph is what I salvaged from the first review. The rest are all rewritten. 

Well it’s been a little while since I’ve updated. Been super busy lately and we haven’t been to as many movies as usual but here we are. I wanted to see Warm Bodies pretty much as soon as I saw the trailer. I really like zombies ( not quite as much as vampires but still.)

What’s it about: A zombie named R who becomes human again as he falls in love. There’s gore and action scenes for the boys as well. 

Why I liked it: It was funny and sweet and made me feel nice. I really loved the soundtrack and the relationship between R played by Nick Hoult and Julie, played by Teresa Palmer, felt very genuine and sweet. The overall message of the movie is that true love is selfless, which is a theme I love seeing ( being a hopeless romantic and all ). The photography is this movie is also very strong, and it was shot in Montreal, which is evident in the last scene. 

Recommendation: Go see it. It’s sweet, funny, and will make you feel good while keeping you entertained. Great date movie.