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Despicable Me 2 Gives a Few Laughs But Can’t Reach Fresh Territory

25 Jul


Despicable Me 2 was okay. I’m sorry I can’t get more excited about it, guys. It just doesn’t have the sex and blood lust that I crave. I’m just kidding. I don’t crave it. I just like it.

I was surprised by how much I enjoy the original Despicable Me which is why I was looking forward to this one; aka I expected to enjoy it as much as if not more than the first. However, the writers just played on the same old jokes that we found amusing in the original, leaving us to chuckle but not laugh consistently and loudly (which is my style).

Gru and the girls are just as sweet as before, and we are introduced to a new character played by Kristen Wiig called Lucy. Lucy is partnered with Gru and romance is, of course, inevitable. Gru is being asked to work for the other side this time around and thwart an evil doer. Can he, along with his minions and his new lady-pal save the day? It’s a kids’ movie. Figure it out.

The minions were a huge highlight in the original, almost stealing the entire show from Steve Carrell’s adorable Gru. The nonsensical language, visual gags and immature laughs were fresh and fun the first time around, but here we know what to expect from our little yellow pals. There are still some amusing scenes, but the comedy has shifted back towards Carrell and away from clever scenes involving minion hijinks.

I felt there were holes in the story, and poor writing and direction was causing me to ask questions that apparently had no answer. These questions included why is the kid that Agnes likes getting so much screen time when he doesn’t talk very much, therefore isn’t funny and oops he wasn’t really important at all.  Lucy’s character was also extremely underdeveloped and it was disappointing to see her reduced to a damsel in distress by the end of the movie.

However, there are a lot of sweet moments between Gru and the girls about growing up and facing new challenges as a parent. I’m sure parents and kids will both find things to like about this movie but it was a swing and a miss for me because the first was well rounded as it was a fresh comedy and a thoughtful journey of self-discovery.  This doesn’t quite hit the mark but it’s still enjoyable.